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What’s up, guys? Ceosmack here. And today I am going to review this budget xiaomi speaker from xiaomi. I got this Bluetooth speaker from bangwood which will cost you around $35, but you can use this coupon code to get 35% discount and the final price will be $23.

So if you want to buy one for yourself, you can get it from the base by Link in the blog. with that being said with that share the article and let’s get started xiaomi speaker review.

Xiaomi Speaker

xiaomi speaker – mi bluetooth speaker Design

So first, let’s talk about the design this show me Bluetooth speaker has a unique cylindrical design which looks quite amazing with the mi speaker review. mi bluetooth speaker basic these speakers are available with two different colors, which is black and white (xiaomi speaker)

I have ordered the white one, but if you like the matte finish look then I will suggest you to go with the black one. Now what I like the most about this Bluetooth speaker is the design and the build quality.

Design & build quality

That is an really minimalistic and It’s extremely early good talking about the build quality. You will not be able to fight a single button over the xiaomi speaker at the front. You will find a small dual colored LED light which will turn on when you pour on the device and it also indicates the battery level at the back.

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You will have a micro USB port for charging. As I said earlier. There is not a single button over the speaker. But the top portion of the unit is actually the controls.

You just need to press and hold on the top to power on the device and turning the top section will control the volume. I just love the design and the build quality of the (mi speaker review).

Good News

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xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker sound Quality

Sound Quality

Now, let’s talk about the most important factor of a Bluetooth speaker, which is the sound quality the sound quality of the speaker is quite good. This compact show me speaker produces a good amount of sound when we compare it with the other speaker in the market.

Mi pocket speaker 2 example, if I compare it with my old mi bluetooth speaker, which I bought for around the same price. I find this show me speaker to be much better in terms of sound quality (xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker).

And it does produce some decent amount of Base has will overall the sound quality is quite impressive and the output is loud and clear (mi bluetooth speaker basic).

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As this because comes with Bluetooth 4.1. I never find any difficulty while connecting the device and finally talking about the battery life on a single charge. You can easily get 6 to 7 hours of music playback, which is quite impressive xiaomi speaker.

All in all if you’re looking for a budget to to speaker with some amazing design and good quality of sound output. Then this show me speaker will never disappoint you xiaomi mi bluetooth speaker.

FAQs On Xiaomi Speaker

Q1. Which MI speaker is best?

Mi bluetooth speaker is the best and Good
Choice for buyers. Blindly buy this product absolutely impressive performance of xiaomi speaker.


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