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What’s up, guys? ceosmack here. Welcome back to a brand new article on this website in this article. So finally new MIUI 12 Update is here, and it is the latest version of companies take on Google’s Android OS, which comes with many new features and visual upgrades over its predecessor with its promotion.

MIUI 12 Update promises not only smooth performance but also enhanced functionality with the help of features such as an updated version of the dark mode your privacy and security tools.

Let’s find out how you can easily enable MIUI 12 control centre in any Android device that you’re using. Finally, we have it on any smartphone with that being said make sure you guys watch this blog till the very end so that you don’t have any issues.

In-depth MIUI 12 Review – MIUI 12 Update

If you’re asking features animations and awesome wallpapers as with each incremental update, MIUI 12 update also pays attention to improve the Aesthetics of the interface, and the new interface comes with a flurry of modern animation and redesigns elements.

MIUI 12 update comes with a new flatter and more seamless UI without losing all the speed and smoothness. So he folks this is a mere and this is an in-depth review of MIUI 12 in which I will be discussing the performance feature battery life, customisation and much more excited so let’s get started MIUI 12 control centre.


miui 12 design

So let’s start with the design and MIUI 12 update does not deviate significantly from me while Evans visual styling but it does refine and rate certain aspects of the UI for me why 12? Xiaomi has developed its framework called me while I’ve gone motion effect architecture.

The rendering engine of the framework enables real-world light and shadows Advanced interface colour mixing, and much more. Perfect anti-aliasing rounded Corners G2 curvature and much more.

Look the show me is calling this the new sensory visual design what this means is that now when you visit the settings page on your phone or check out things like storage availability. You will see the system information presented in the form of graphs and visual diagrams, making it easier to understand and consume MIUI 12.

Also introduces a fresh and in some cases long-overdue refresh of the iconography both in the default app icon pack where icons are far more unified and attractive—red square and also in the setting and other system areas.

Where the iconography has improved readability and general attractiveness as expected, MIUI 12 update also delivers an improved system dark mode over the MIUI.

Elements already grand optional colour scheme, meaning more system apps are supported, and third-party apps will also be toggled with the support MIUI 12. Also brings the new super wallpaper option which currently includes planets like Mars and Earth.

This is an exciting spin on the live wallpaper. And it seems in the form of Space level View and an aerial view just a few hundred meters above the surface of either of the planet when you look at the phone, and the physical engine is responsible for new, improved animations MIUI 12 control centre.

The duration of Animation will depend on uses touch interaction opening and closing of apps will also affect the respective app’s icon by stimulating a physical curve in three-dimensional space. Additionally, layer Dynamic icons will chill. Get real-time feedback based on the direction and speed of gestures.

The animations are set optimized to get most out of the Silicon from App launching to routine tasks. Everything is snappier. I mean if you are looking for a phenomenal and smooth Android experience with some dedicated privacy features and this version of MIUI I stands out from your expectation when it comes to big games like Asphalt 9, you will be amazed by the performance.

I have played as pubg at ultra-high Graphics setting in HDR mode and believe me. The performance is super smooth. There is no Lag shuttle or even any frame drops. Now if you are a number guy here are some benchmark scores.

Battery Life

MIUI 12 Battery Life

Well, if you talk about the battery life, MIUI 12 update will not disappoint you either as me why is quite famous for its battery performance and MIUI 12 lived up to the expectation on my daily day-to-day usage. I got around seven-plus hours of screen on time with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location.

Service turned on which is frankly insane for a fair and minimal usage be MIUI 12. helps you to survive the whole Day with ease plus you will still have 20 to 30 per cent battery left for the next day.

Now, in my opinion, new MIUI 12 update is one of the most attractive looking and smoothest custom skin out there the Privacy feature and visual changes. That show me brings with this new update is commendable and if you own a Xiaomi device that supports MIUI 12 update go ahead and install.

Which phones will get MIUI 12 Update

  • Redmi K30 5G
  • Redmi K30 Pro
  • Redmi K20
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Mi 8
  • Mi 8 Pro
  • Poco X2
  • Poco F1
  • Mi 9T Pro

Installation process for MIUI 12 update

  • Must you have MIUI 12 flash zip and backup your mobile.
  • Go to download mode / recovery mode.
  • Select file and flash it.
  • Wait few minutes and then you are on MIUI 12 update.
  • Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk, ceosmack will not be responsible if anything goes wrong with your device.

MIUI 12 control centre – In any Android devices

MIUI 12 Control Centre

Well, even if you’re using an Android or any other smartphone now, you can quickly get this beautiful MIUI 12 control centre on your device guys. When we were MIUI 12 was officially launched. I wanted to try out this control centre.

All right guys, if I swipe down from the right I will have this fantastic control centre where I can easily adjust the brightness turn on the Wi-Fi network. And basically, you will find all the quick toggles in the control centre. Now if I swipe down from the left, I will have the notification panel where I will get all my notifications guys.

Also, I like the life blur that we get while pulling down the control centre. Home It looks great. Now, let me show you how you can easily get this on your device MIUI 12 control centre.

How to install MIUI 12 Control Centre on any Android

All you have to do is go to this blog download section and there you will find a direct link for this application called be control centre guys. This application is developed by the same guy who has already created applications like power shade one shade and more similar apps.

But right now this application is in beta stage, and you will not find it on the Play Store. However, if you want to try out this application, you can easily download it from the description link. The full version will be released on Play Store by the end of this month once we have The full version I will make sure to update the link in the description as of now go ahead and install this beta version there are some minor bugs.

However, you can still try it out before installing the full version. Once you have installed it in your device, open the app and allow some necessary permission, which is required by this app once it’s done. No, select Control Center, and that’s it. Now, whenever you swipe down from the right you will have this beautiful MIUI 12 control centre and by swiping down from the left. It will open the notification panel as well as guys.

You can easily control all the Quick Settings from the control centre itself, and in case if you want to customize it, even more, you also get some settings like you can change the colour layout and more.

I just wanted to give a quick disclaimer that this application is still in beta stage.

Some features will not work perfectly fine. So please wait for the full version but still, right now I want you guys to try this one out. You will be going to love this control centre. That’s pretty much it guys. This is how you can easily enable the MIUI 12 control centre on your Android device.

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FAQs On MIUI 12 Update and Full Review

Q1. What is the latest version of MIUI?

Latest version of MIUI is MIUI 12 Update. It’s better than MIUI 11. In-depth review available in my blog. If you are interested then read and achieve unique tricks and tips.

Q2. Is Miui better than Android?

It’s totally depends on you guys which platform better for you. Means some People like MIUI and some people love Android UI.
Personally my favourite UI is obviously Oxygen OS thas pretty much guy’s.

Q3. Which phones will get Miui 12 update?

1. Redmi K30 5G
2. Redmi K30 Pro
3. Redmi K20
4. Redmi K20 Pro
5. Mi 8
6. Mi 8 Pro
7. Poco X2
8. Poco F1
9. Mi 9T Pro


That’s pretty much it guys. This is how you can easily enable the MIUI 12 control centre on your Android device and full Review on MIUI 12 Update and also subscribe my YouTube channel.


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