Best power bank for mobile – Power bank price in 2020

What’s up, guys? Ceosmack here. And today I am going to review this budget best power bank for mobile.

When it comes to power Banks, most people just go on Amazon & flipkart and buy a popular one. Usually the mi power bank do well and for most of us it just works but how does it stack up against the newly released realme power bank and then leave our backs which one offers the most output and what if you’re if you’re in the market for a while solar or even graphene power banks do they really work.

We’ll compare the Most popular Best power bank on Amazon or Flipkart starting with amazing price.

  • Realme power bank
  • Mi 20000 mAh power bank
  • Mi wireless power bank
  • Syska power bank
  • Solar power bank

Along the way we will also look into why you get around. 6000 mAh output instead of 10000 mAh. Should you buy 10,000 mAh or 20000 mAh sounds fun. Well, let’s find out now before we get to start the review of the various power bank.

It’s important to understand how Banks work and well power banks are basically some rechargeable batteries connected to a circuit board which regulates the current and charging here it take wiser. We were able to assemble one by buying parts on Amazon and on the other hand, we have the interior of popular power back as you can see both of them are almost similar.

However, DIY power banks come with lots of variables and can even explode or damage your batteries. If not done, right so we highly recommend you to buy from above set up. So with that said let’s check them out.

Realme power bank – Best power bank

realme power bank

This was launched a few months ago and got this in three color variants black red and yellow. I have the red one with the big deal with writing on the side. Although this is 10000 mAh, it doesn’t provide you all the 10000 mAh. Most of it is lost in heat and conversion. It Best power bank effectively give you somewhere around 6000 to 7000 mAh. Let’s go by the features of the original format, which is common in most of the realme power bank banks in this list.

Like if you’re charged with two devices at once, it supports a charge of pass-through charging, which means you can charge your phone while also charging a power bank simultaneously, none of the first terms. I use it all the time, and it is standard for all the power banks these days. The good thing is power bank comes with USB PD, which is an open charging standard then lets you charge your small variables to big laptop realme power bank.

I tried it with my Chromebook and MacBook, and the power bank didn’t have sufficient out. The thing is USB PD can go up to a 100 watt, but this bar Bank can only go up to 18 watt, which is enough for fast charging a smartphone but not for a laptop. Also it Dickie just one year 7 3 running. So that’s good. But the other power Banks can do that both the type C and I pay for supports fast charging. But if you connect two devices at once, only the one connected by a type c will faster realme power bank.

Standout Features:

  • Performance is great.
  • There are two port for charging.
  • Fast charging support.
  • All colors are excellent but black is better than all color.

Mi 20000 mah power bank – Best power bank

mi power bank

I would recommend being mi power bank to why here’s fine. Now the mi power bank and do I also have a 20000 mah married. So why did I go with the 10000 won? Okay, so ground truth if you have multiple devices to charge that need to be changed regularly, then go with a 20,000 mAh one. I have mi power bank 2i realme xt to charge might be an earphone don’t require charging free [ 20000mah mi power bank 2i ]

The only thing to dislike about the mi power bank to why are the sharp edges sometimes? It’ searches on my phone. And yes, the lack of type c Port overall when it comes to Features. When you do, I do pretty much the same features like 18 watt fast charging and USB ports as clearly power banks, but it’s only 21$ mi 20000 mah power bank.

Standout Features:

  • Money saving product.
  • It takes minimum time for full charging from 0% to 100%
  • Build quality is best.
  • Support fast charging.
  • There are two port for charging.

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Mi wireless power bank – Best power bank

mi wireless power bank

This is the newly launched. Xiaomi mi wireless power bank and like every xiaomi product it’s priced less. Well, first of all, the main USB of the power bank is fast Qi wireless charging and in case you don’t know fast charging is limited to 10 Watt and the Samsung flagships and the pixel Force are the only one that support 10 watt fast wireless charging mi power bank 3.

Similar to the bank it has one type c and one USB a ports. However, the type-c port can only be used to charge the power bank. It doesn’t withdraw current so you can wire charge only one device at a time and in case you charge two devices both wired and wireless key, none of them will fast charge having said all of these if you want a mi wireless power bank, the mi wireless power bank is the best deal in the market xiaomi power bank.

Standout Features:

  • Colour is decent and impressive.
  • There are one port and one wireless board for charging.
  • LED light which indicate level of charging.

Syska power bank 10000mAh – Best power bank

syska power bank

In the box, you get a power bank and a micro USB cable. The battery cap city of the power bank is very cool. A phone with 4000 mAh can charge 3 times to continue. It may take up to six hours to charge this syska 10000 mah power bank.

Good buy but it takes alot time to charge your phone fully! It would have been better if there was a fast charging cable included with the power bank syska. But at this price it’s a nice deal syska power bank 10000mah.

output depends on your phone, I have phone with 4000 mAh battery, it get charged 10% to 100% in 110-120 minutes. It’s not support 4A charging.

Standout Features:

  • It didn’t heat like others power bank.
  • Colour is decent and impressive.
  • Blue LED light which indicate level of charging.
  • There are two port for charging.
  • Box also contain 1 small micro usb.

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Solar power bank – Best power bank

solar power bank

I have half the rugged portable charger, which was most excited about check this out. It’s not only regretting and has a composed but also comes with wireless and solar charging, but is it any good on its app looks like it’s meant to be for taking purposes. Now the new tractor is not a regular Best power bank with type c or micro USB port. It can even charge with solar energy and wirelessly charge other devices. This is made it my favorite bar Best power bank.

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Now I think to notice the wireless charger can recharge the iPhone and the airport’s Pro. It didn’t work with the Galaxy Wars. However, this has to do with Samsung. Still, if it did charge the Galaxy Watch, it would appear most also solar power charging is an excellent addition this led over here denotes that it’s so most significant. It was even on under the LED lights indoors Best power bank check this out initially. I thought it’s charging, but it’s just a mirage. It would help if you kept it under direct sunlight.

even then the charging input is quite low and impractical to be honest. The effective power supply of this solar power bank is 6000mah or something. It would charge this iPhone 11 Max twice Best power bank.

Standout Features:

  • Useful for trekking.
  • Solar panel help to charge battery without any electricity.
  • Also supports cable charging.
  • Color and look is impressive.
  • There are two port and on solar panel.

FAQs On Best power bank for mobile

Q1. Which power bank is better 10000mAh or 20000mAh?

Obviously, 20000mAh is better than 10000mAh. Because 20000mAh create more backup as compare to 10000mAh so my recommendation if you have money then definitely go wish 20000mAh Best power bank.

Q2. Which is best power bank 10000mAh?

There are many brands but personally i like realme and mi power bank. Realme power bank support 18 watt fast charging so you can definitely go with realme power banks.

Q3. What mAh Power Bank is best?

This is totally depend on you guys. If you continue using mobile phones and etc then buy 20000mAh. If you are used mobile for short time then buy 10000mAh this is sufficient for you.


That’s pretty much it guys. This is how you can easily search best power bank for mobile and also for loptop. This is my favourite products and my personally favourite is mi power bank 20000mah.

Every piece of information that I share comes after a through research so that you can get the best out of it. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to ping me. I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

If you are not satisfied in this article then you can click here and know more about Best power bank for mobile and also for loptop.

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