Best Free Android apps 2020

Best free Android apps 2020

Introduction – Best Free Android apps 2020

How is it going everybody Ceosmack here. it’s that time of the month we check out some amazing Android application for your device. This is the most useful app for Android. If you are interested then read the full Best Free Android apps 2020 article and enjoy it.

Best free Android apps ever

#1. Ratio Launcher

It’s a brand new ratio launcher which has this beautiful minimalist design. Guy’s it has a lot of cool features that you will not find any other launcher. The front page you get all your applications and if you just press and hold on any app you will get all the details regarding the app store and uses time. If you want you can also login application directly within this launcher. If you want to open that particular app you need to unlock it using your fingerprint other than. this whenever you receive a notification you will have this light blinking around that application which looks really really cool. If you swipe right you will have for your visits like your current weather notes anyone and newsfeed. Best Free Android apps 2020 this is very handy apart from this you can also create new app drawers and it has an option to change from light and dark theme. As well all in all its very productive launcher definitely try it out.

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Ratio Launcher

#2. Pro Screens

If you love customization then you will definitely be going to love this pro screens app. Basically this application provides you with reference to different home screen setup that you can easily apply on your smartphone. If you really want to apply any of this home screen setup just app on it and then select it is here you will find all the details regarding the setup like from where you can download the wallpaper, icon pack visit and more. Best Free Android apps it also has different categories of setups like I am late minimal natural light and dark home screen setups. It’s very good application and if you are customization freak like me then you must give this on a try. Best Free Android apps 2020.

Pro Screens

#3. Floating Bar

If you really want to enhance your multitasking experience. This app is all you need this application allows you to access all your favourite apps music player quick toggles and even your favourite contacts from anywhere on your screen. All have to do is just enable this app and then you can easily at your favourite applications music player, quick tools and your favourite contacts and websites. As well done all this you will have a floating on the top of your screen with Alexa access. Best Free Android apps your favourite apps you can take a screenshot turn on the torch light and even you can access your favourite websites will I know there are a lot of applications which has the same feature but this app works perfectly fine and it gets job done.

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Floating Bar

#4. Ultra Volume

Ultra volume is the customisation tool which lets you replace your default volume slider with more unique and model looking design. It gives you a variety of scince that you can choose. Which also includes MI UI one UI colour OS and more or you have to do is just unlock all the permission which is required by this app and then you can easily apply. which app asking that you like other than this it also allows you to change the position of this volume slider. Best Free Android apps you can change your accent colour, background colour and there are so many customisation option that you will get inside this app. The best part about this application is it doesn’t require you to root your device and it is totally free to download.

Ultra Volume

#5. Metro polis

It is actually live wallpaper app which offer 3D live wallpapers of some amazing places that you can set as you like wallpapers. When you open the app UC famous location mostly from North America if you want you can easily set any of any of this location as your live wallpaper. Best Free Android apps the best part is that it also reacts to your touches. If you just swipe left or right on your screen the screen will also rotate in animation to mature gestures only downside. About this app is right now you will find only major cities of North America. But still all these live wallpapers looks great on your home screen.

Metro Polis
  1. Ratio Launcher – DOWNLOAD
  2. Pro Screens – DOWNLOAD
  3. Floating Bar – DOWNLOAD
  4. Ultra Volume – DOWNLOAD
  5. Metro Polis – DOWNLOAD

FAQs For Best Free Android apps 2020

Q1. Is Blackmart safe?

Is black mark safe? Despite BlackMart as the best Android App Store. The application is not always safe to use. In fact, most of the Android users are not aware of this alternative app store Blackmart Alpha on your device. Here is everything you need to know about the BlackMart Alpha a Google Play Store alternative.

Q2. How do you get Android apps for free?

BlackMart Alpha is an ultimate alternate app-store for Android users. Unlike your conventional limited reserve of the Google Play Store, BlackMart APK has so much for its users to serve.
Blackmart 2020 App Store is a perfect destination for the Android users to get their favorite Apps, Games, Mods and other tweak versions that they never found on Google Play Store or needed to pay the premium.

Q3. What is the most useful apps for Android?

1. Whatsapp
2. Camscanner
3. Google pay
4. YouTube
5. Call recording

Q4. What are the best free phone apps?

I already cover this topic. If you are interested then click her and read which is the best free android apps.

Q5. What are the top 10 apps?

1. Whatsapp 5B+ Downloads
2. YouTube 5B+ Downloads
3. Facebook 5B+ Downloads
4. Chrome 5B+ Downloads
5. Meassanger 1B+ Downloads
6. Tiktok 1B+ Downloads
7. Snapchat 1B+ Downloads
8. Pubg 100M+ Downloads
9. Free fire 100M+ Downloads
10. Call of duty 100M+ Downloads

Q6. Which app is trending now?

1. Tiktok
2. YouTube
3. Pubg
4. Snapchat
5. Instagram


Definitely out so that’s pretty much advise these are some amazing applications for the month of june.

Every piece of information that I share comes after a through research so that you can get the best out of it. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to ping me. I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

If you are not satisfied in this article then you can click here and know more about the best free Android apps 2020.

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