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How’s it going? Ceosmack here. Well, I have already made a couple of blog on how you can change best fonts for android for absolutely free in your Android device.

But some of you find it quite difficult and you guys wanted me to show you more simple and easy way to change and customize fonts in your Android device with that being said in this blog.

I’m going to show you one of the easiest method by using which you can apply different types of fonts for absolutely free guys. Make sure you read this blog till the very end. Also share this article. I know you guys will do it.

200 Best Fonts for Android free download

Best Fonts for Android

Alright guys, so if you really want to customize your Samsung smartphone by applying different fonts. First thing you need to do is head over to your play Store and download this application called zFont guys.

This application is totally free and you don’t really have to pay anything for this app. If you want I will also leave a direct link in the blog Download section.

So you can download it from there itself. Once you install this application in your smartphone just open the app and allow some basic permission, which is required by this app best fonts for android.

Well, Interface of this application looks like this where you will get a separate section for one you. If fonts guys there are more than 200 different types of fonts that you can easily apply in your Android device best fonts for android.

No matter which device you are using it will work in all smartphone devices that is running on one UI other than this you also get an option to apply different emojis, like iOS 12, iOS 13 and more but currently these images are working only for Android devices and we need to wait for an update so that it will work in Android thin as well. However fonts are working absolutely fine.

How to Install Fonts in smartphone

Now I will show you how you can apply these fonts in your device. For example, if I want to install any font. I just need to select it and then hit on this download button once it gets download now you need to install in your device for the first time.

It will ask you for storage permission. You can simply allow it and then it will get installed in your device. No, finally you will have this pop up where it will ask you whether you want to change this font. Just select change font and that’s it.

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Now you can easily apply the font that you have recently downloaded guys. You don’t have to back up and restore or do any other step to apply the font you can easily apply with just one click and one more good thing is that it has more than 200 amazing fonts that you should definitely try and make your device stand out. Well, I’m pretty sure that you guys will find this trick very simple and easy to apply.

But still if you have any issue or concern in best fonts for android then let me know in the comment section. Definitely try to help you out.

Best Font for Resume – Professional Fonts

Best Font for Resume

In this section we’re going to show you the top five best font for resume. Use this Font in your resume and make attractive design.

CalibriCalibri is Microsoft’s default font and his warm soft and induces feelings of stability, which employers are looking for. It’s also professional and modern making it a best font for resume many typography and job search experts agree that Kelly bring is the absolute best font for resume.

Helvetica – It has been described as being friendly professional and beautiful. best fonts for android my typography experts making it an awesome choice for your best font for resume.

Arial – Many have said that Arial is clean and easy to read while also being modern and professional here is a good description from Wikipedia Arial contains more humanist characteristics than many of its predecessors and as such is more in tune with the mood of the last Decades of the 20th century.

VerdanaVerdana is a Sans serif font, which was designed in 1996 by Matthew Carter who work for Microsoft there. Verdana was created to appear well on a small screen as well as screens with low resolution with most employers today viewing your resume on a computer dear. Verdana is a great and best font for resume to use.

TrebuchetTrebuchet is another San serif font created by Vincent canoe his goal with trebuchet was to create a font that appeared well on screen and also provided a contrast in texture to verdana best fonts for android.

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Stay away from fancy or unprofessional fonts like Comic Sans or etc. Good luck with your job search.

Top 15 best font for website – best google fonts download

Best Font for Website

Fonts that are perfect for website. So let’s not waste any more time and dive to top 15 best font for website this is also best google fonts best fonts for android.

Bebas Neue – This typeface features a simple bolt design with awaits.

AileronAileron is somewhat condensed with pretty short arms giving it a stocky solid fuel.

nCorbert Condensed italic – This van is the condensed version of the original font Corvair.

BitnerBitner according to its creators. The design of this font was inspired by the crypto currency movement. It’s a somewhat geometric He’s with short arms.

Glober backGlober back in eighteen different weights. This van shows off Stylish geometric designs would soften finishes.

Gentona – It’s letters go from the Sleek to the robust making the font Point visually striking.

OverpassOverpass a simple no-nonsense van which would look at a place on any heading.

Foobar Pro – If you’re in need of a font that supports unusual language. Look no further.

Fjalla OneFjalla One study fought with condensed letters any medium contrast.

Audrey – Inspired by the immortal. It comes in three different weights and two variations.

Penna – You need fun with thin stems and slanted Strokes which give it quite a playful Look.

Proza – Inspired by Renaissance typefaces. This file was created to work. Well across a wide variety of resolutions.

DyeLineDyeLine is letters are noticeably condensed with high cap Heights in stems giving it a clean modern.

BaufraBaufra from influenced by the early 20th century. This pot combines geometric design, which soft lines resulting in a very pleasing effect.

Simplifica – Simplifica featuring a unique design And within stamps and short arms this serves to pull the eye upwards.

If you can use this fonts in your website and blogging then definitely your post most attractive. Also use another muli font this is best font. I am personally use this font but if you not satisfied then search more fonts and try it best fonts for android best google fonts Good luck.

Top 5 Best Font for Reading – Best Fonts

Best Font for Reading

So the very basic thing that is required to choose. The best phone is that the text should be easily readable to the audience. the Sans serif fonts work best font for reading.

These are the faults which do not have any curly extensions to them in simple words. best fonts for android you are to think more of area and less of Times New Roman.

Helvetica – This is a Sans serif font and can be used for headings as well as the body takes. Since it’s easy to read even in Smaller weddings if I could summarize helvetica in one sentence, it would be Clarity with complete simplicity.

The Bold Fon – This one is really bold and great for headlines. It is easily readable even in smaller sizes, but I would recommend you to use this point only for headings and not for the body text.

Gill sans – Another sansara fault Gill Sans presents a friendly and warm look without being too overstated the BBC logo still uses the typeface to this day and it is still a very modern fault. Many designers around the world.

Futura font – It is a great readability and looks elegant and beautiful. And this is the reason that I would recommend you to use this font in your slides you.

GaramondGaramond for is a typeface that always remains professional with quite a clean and sharp appearance. It looks more mature.


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So now you don’t need to use the standard font like a library and Times New Roman all the time though. These fonts are also good, but you should always keep trying something different and something new easy to read fonts.

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Now there are many websites like the fourth not calm which have a ton of different formats to choose from just choose any easy to read fonts for which you like keeping in mind that it should be easily readable to your audience best fonts for android.

FAQs On Best Fonts for Android & Website

Q1. Which font is best for mobile?

If fonts guys there are more than 200 different style fonts that you can easily apply in your Android device. Download zFont from play store and you can apply it.

Q2. How do I download fonts to Android?

If you have Android device then you can search zFont in play store and easily download this application. This application is totally free no need money to purchase and etc.

Q3. What font is the most attractive?

There are many different types of fonts available in online world. But my personally favourite font and most attractive font is Helvetica.

Q4. What fonts are good for websites?

After many research is found some good font for website. First i recommended you can use Google fonts. If you are not satisfied then you can go with muli fonts its best option for website font.


So that’s pretty much it guys. This is how you can easily apply fonts in your different work. If you guys liked this blog then be sure to hit that share button and also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Every piece of information that I share comes after thorough research so that you can get the best out of it. If you have any suggestions, then feel free to ping me. I’d really appreciate your feedback and suggestions.

If you are not satisfied in this article then you can click here and know more about the Best Fonts for Android & Website.

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