Best Android homescreen setup in 2020

What’s up, guys? Ceosmack here. I have got three beautiful Android Homescreen setup that you can easily apply to your Android device. All these setups look gorgeous. And I think you guys will love this blog.

Also, let me know in the comments section, which is your ideal setup from all the three that I’m about to show you, so drop a like and let’s dived into android homescreen setup.

All right guys before we start with the setups. I just wanted to clear one thing that I have used launcher lawnchair 2 for all these setups. And as always, you can find the required length and the backup file and wallpapers in the blog Download section. So be sure you check it out.

Please include the following:

  • Screenshots of each page in your setup.
  • Launcher backup file.
  • Widgets and Icon Pack that you have used.
  • Any custom widget files.
  • Direct link of wallpaper you have used.

Samsung galaxy A50 android homescreen setup – setup 1

Setup 1

We have got this beautiful dark setup that I am rocking on my Galaxy A50. Well, it’s a widget-based setup vac. I’m just using a black wallpaper in the background you can use this wallpaper in the description apart from this the icon pack, which I am using is called gradient icon fact.

This pack has more than 2400 beautiful square-shaped icons, which looks vibrant colorful, and they go well, especially with the dark wallpapers coming back to this setup. I have got four apps on my home screen with a grid size of 8 by 4 android homescreen setup minimal.

Icon pack

That is a widget on the top and the bottom. Both of these widgets are from Shadow KWGT. They are widget Number Four and Twenty Eight in the top widget. You can click on the icons like the Gmail contacts and calendar.

It will open up the specific app that you are responding to overall. This setup is super clean. And it looks excellent on AMOLED devices android homescreen setup.

Required Files:

  • Launcher :
  • Backup File :
  • Icon Pack :
  • Kwgt Pro :
  • Kwgt Plugin :
  • Wallpaper :

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Pixel android homescreen setup – setup 2

Setup 2

All right, guys, the next setup is inspired by the wallpaper itself. This beautiful golden leaf wallpaper comes from an app called AMOLED walls. I like these kinds of wallpapers, where you get a perfect amount of space to work on your setups below. [ android homescreen setup ]

I have got a dock, and two rows of my most used application Are with The Graces of ten by five the icon pack that has been used in this setup is Casey like intact I like how you can make these icons extremely small, android homescreen setup I love the pastel colors that it has got more than a thousand good-looking Paster color icons.

Icon pack

The most important thing is it matches perfectly with the entire setup. We have only one widget in the setup, which is this beautiful widget that shows you the time date weather forecast and battery percentage as well.

This widget is from the plug-in called Magic KWGT again. It’s a free plug-in where it best home screen setup android some cool widgets that you can choose from It is the widget number 43 one great thing about this set up is you don’t need to pay anything. I have used a free icon pack and a free plug-in for this one android homescreen setup minimal.

Required Files:

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Samsung galaxy note 10 android homescreen setup – setup 3

Setup 3

We have got this gorgeous colorful set up that I’m using on my Galaxy Note 10. Well, this setup is one of my favorites. I love the backdrop. It best home screen setup android beautiful and vibrant the icon pack, which I am using for this setup is called be line icon pack. It’s very android homescreen setup minimal.

This will include a linear icon pack that comes with a thousand five hundred plus great-looking icons guys. I love the overall design of these icons, and they match flawlessly with any wallpaper that you are using on the home screen. I have eight of my favorite application with a grid size of 8 by 4.

Icon pack

I was now coming to the widgets. The top widget is from Saint Anne’s see 4K W GT. It’s widget number 43, and I love how it blends perfectly with the wallpaper, and best home screen setup bottom widget is from the plug-in called instant KWGT and to be precise. It’s the widget numbers. 19, so that’s pretty much it for the setups best home screen setup.

Required Files:

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FAQs On Best Android Homescreen Setup

Q1. How do I change home screen layout?

First you have some required files and main application is launcher then you can easily customise your android homescreen setup.

Q2. How do you set the home screen on an Android?

First you have some required files and main application is launcher then you can easily customise your android homescreen setup.


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